You ‘dislike’ this.

Facebook has been made so it can not be removed out of our lives unless we choose not to have a social one. I am eighteen, have just left school and have several times thought of quitting facebook thinking of the positives, followed very quickly by the negatives. It seems to have become as necessary as the mobile phone and as hard to ignore as a cigarette. Even on holiday I catch myself reaching for the laptop or if I do not have the equipment, itching to see what has been changed in the cyber-social networking world. Every time it has been very little or nothing that has ever been worth the frantic need to revisit my page, and often it has been after I have badgered my Dad for time with the blue and white screen to fuel this addiction. The amount of time I have wasted looking at my own photos or thinking of something witty to write as my status, or as a comment to someone else’s; then decided not to as it would not be funny in the first place would have probably left me with better A levels.

However, this is not the worst thing that is visiting facebook. The most soul destroying aspect is when your parents decide to join; like my own. Of course the inevitable questions that follow on how every possible option works just leaves hope as a distant and vague thought that you once had whilst watching ‘Pursuit of Happiness.’ Parents on facebook must be rejected as friends as they are not, they are you’re parents and that is it. There should be an ‘add as child,’ button next to the friend which gives them less communication than before. This is not the biggest travesty, as soon they become addicted too, and for all the wrong reasons; many a time I have walked in on my parents playing facebook scrabble, and worse, they have been talking about it in the open. It just leaves me to one resort; hiding my head in my hands.

Contradictary to everything I have just said I credit the concept, staying in touch with friends for free, stalking has never been so easy, but I think I would hate it just a little bit less if I could just walk away for a few days and not have an invitation from seven people who I once played pool with to join farmville.

Maybe in the future there will be no facebook, maybe we will resort to talking to each other again and have cut out the middle man. Athough I am not sure I would wish to see its replacement..


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  1. #1 by sage tune on January 6, 2010 - 5:15 am

    this is a great way to let others read your writing easily! good idea, i’ll be checking it regularly 🙂

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