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Get wet with Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain, the new PS3 game to hit the gaming shores, is a massive breakthrough. I can’t help but think that this will be far beyond a novelty as gaming gets closer to real life. I’m sure it will not be too long before we are swept away to climb into a gaming suit as Wii technology goes that one stage further as well.

Heavy rain also highlights how important the storyline is to new and upcoming games, as Call Of Duty has before, having to write up to twenty different script to play out to find the elusive ‘oragami killer.’ Technology like this is bringing entertainment to a whole new level.


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Will We be in 3D?

After Avatar has had time to settle, the question still remains; what’s next for 3D?

When I left the screen, I found my eyes were burning with the strain of having to take in the whole of the screen and all it┬átried to offer. I could not help but think, that while it is early days for the technology, will it really progress with the rest of the 2-dimensional cinema, or fade into the background to join hollywood’s long┬álist of forgotten.

How far will directors and producers go in order to make us; the audience, a character, and how far can it go? Even with 3D, I feel, the old-fashioned greats will never be trumped and remakes of films like The Matrix, to this format, will only end up losing the essence of the experience and more of investor’s money.

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