North Korean Pride

 North Korea can’t normally  seem to be mentioned without the words ‘missile,’ or ‘communism,’ in the same sentence. They managed to escape the weight of national reputations simply by playing football. The match had all the drama that anyone could need as one of the biggest giants of the tournament took on the smallest minnow.

 The result of this apparent mismatch was a certain respect earnt by North Korea. They showed that your team does not have to be worth millions for you to be able to play great football. Their sturdy work ethic was one to be admired as well as their non-existent diving and good sportsmanship as not one tackle was made with malicious intent and not one of their players was issued a card.

North Korea’s goal was well deserved and i find myself wishing them well in the future. Their modest approach to the game is something to admire and should be learnt from in the modern game where people’s egos dominate the leagues.


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