Is there anything more inappropriate than Paul Gascoigne?

World class footballer, alcoholic and now doing cameo appearances at all the wrong places, Paul Gascoigne will always be remembered for misconduct.

When Raoul Moat was facing off with the police in the final moments of his life, no other than former England striker Paul Gascoigne turned up, kitted out with a fishing rod and some lagers for his apparent friend. I think as series of events go, this is the most unexpected of all, as at first I definitely didn’t believe the ridiculous story.

Raoul Moat eventually ended up shooting himself, unable to face the consequences of his actions, and Gascoigne went on his merry way having been prevented negotiating with the murderer by the police. Although it does leave you to wonder what if Gazza had got into the house. Would Raoul have been in awe of the ex-football star, or chatted about old times, but then there’s also the worst to think about as there was a gun involved. Maybe it’s time Gazza picked his friends more wisely and it has been reported that he is being treated in rehab, as trying to negotiate with a killer does suggest a hint of instability.


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