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Are You a Selfish blogger?

It is a crime that I am sure many of us commit. We write a new post and feel the world should want to know our opinion or our newly discovered fact. We may spell check it (or not depending on how sincerely we blog) and then we go about advertising this to our friends and family. But the views that really boost our egos are the ones from anonymous surfers of the web, people who have no obligation to read what we have to say.

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I know I try to figure out ways of bumping up my view count, and the fact is none of my friends or family really know about my blog as I feel it is between me, the internet and whoever else is on their computer at quarter past midnight. I take the most pride in my blog when I think that someone is taking a couple of minutes out to hear what I have to say and my experiences, and I think it is only right to pay them back with a read of theirs even if I have no way of knowing who is reading my blog. As blogging is a community experience, without reading there would be no point in writing, even if it is for the 4 views today and the 2 next week. It is all worth it as even the smallest person can have a voice which can be heard.


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The Joy of Spurs

I have seen baseball in San Francisco, basketball in Los Angeles, and foot ball in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Weston super mare and Yeovil. But I had never been to a premiership football match. On Saturday I went to my first one: Tottenham Vs. Wolves at White Hart Lane. I was in the Park Lane stand, equipped with my brand new spurs scarf and a passion for spurs football. Everyone there is friendly and happy to talk about their favourite club and pass time.

Despite the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur the stands filled up in the minutes before the players took the pitch. The crowd took to their feet as the match started and the chants followed suit, along with the occasional ‘wanker’ shouted at the Wolverhampton fans in the corner.

To stay in the favours and to pretend I knew a lot about what I was watching I said the safe things that you can about a football team; ‘never a boring one nil with spurs is it..’ and ‘Robbie Keane just isn’t what he used to be.’ Wolves were the first scorers in the match, and to my surprise, it hurt to see them score, especially when you heard the brummy cheers dominate the stadium.

Of course when we equalised it was much more satisfying, with Van der Vaart slotting the penalty won by Al Hutton. The next chant to arise was ‘YID-O’ to the Dutchman’s achievement, as the spurs fans embraced Tottenham’s roots in Jewish culture.

By the end of the match my voice was hoarse and my spirits were high as we had won 3-1 thanks to Al Hutton fluking one in the back of the net. The newest chant was ‘1-0 and you f*cked it up’ . As I squeezed through hundreds of relieved North Londoners I felt like we had been through it all and I felt part of the collective unit that is premiership football. Coming from that game I can finally understand why people look forward to the weekend and why it means so much. To be a part of this is a privilege and something I would be more than happy to be included in again as it is truly unique and something I highly recommend.

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The Shame of the Internet

I write from a point of sorrow and disgust. Last night I witnessed one of the worst acts on the internet and that which a human being can do. We have all seen or heard of the horrors of two girls one cup and maybe some of us are unfortunate enough to hear of one man one jar; a disturbing video of a jar shattering inside the wrong end of a man’s gastric system. I was hoping that this would be all that the internet would ever shame us with, but I was wrong.

A friend showed me the video of two girls one octopus with the pretense of it being hilarious, and as you can imagine beastiality is no joke. It scars my mind as I write, as all taboos and boundaries we had even between us and sea life have now been broken. The internet has helped spread the joy of comedy through youtube, and at the same time shamed itself.

I wonder what possesses people to do this, and film it and share it with the world. And as I wonder I know that I never could, or would ever want to know the answer to the warped minds that created it. I just hope for the sake of mankind that people not only ignore this, but do not try to break any more taboos as they should be left alone. I also hope that if in generations to come they try to understand our culture, they don’t look on the internet and take these acts as who we are, as really we are so so much better than the damning image that is being painted by these few irresponsible individuals..

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The Human Centipede?!!

Hollywood is in a constant state of evolution, producing the blockbuster cinema that is watched the world over. In order for this evolution to occur there needs to be the process of natural selection, this normally happens through the production companies rejecting and accepting what is put on the silver screen.

Every so often the selection process fails and a movie that not only wastes our time as the audience, but also the hard work of the actors, director and everyone involved. The movie I am currently talking about is an abomination to cinema; The Human Centipede. It is a concoction that is barely worth a second glance as the plotline seems to revolve around the most perverse surgeon and a will to capture people and sew their mouths to another person’s anus, connecting their alimentary canals.

To think this up is perverse, but to actually put on the hours to produce this movie is in the region of needing psychological help. Although I am obviously not the only one, as the first week after release in the cinemas only brought in a £6000 revenue. Hopefully Hollywood will learn from this awful lesson and not disgrace their reputation to this degree again.

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Stephen Hawking is Wrong

There are many arguments for and against the existence of God, but the most pressing one, at this time, is the concept of something being created out of nothing. How can this be possible? Theists argue God made the world and even caused the Big Bang, but a new theory from Stephen Hawking suggests otherwise. He believes that the Big Bang occurred due to spontaneous creation and God is not even needed in this equation.

He states how there are other solar systems and other worlds with the belief of outside life independent of this planet. He speaks of how Science and Religion cannot go hand in hand as they are two opposites and you can only believe in one and not both. The way he puts this it seems as though he is picking sides and segregating, trying to make us choose how we are going to answer the ultimate question of our existence.

Religion and science started out together, religion answering that which science could not. As we learnt more, we needed religion less, but we still believed. As we get apparently closer to the answer, scientists urge us to abandon our faith which I do not believe is right. How can we have a world without God? How can we not believe that there is a higher power helping us throughout life? Science may explain how the world came about, it may explain how the Big Bang happened, but it will never prove that God doesn’t exist, it will never take one of mankind’s most important attributes; its faith.

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