The Human Centipede?!!

Hollywood is in a constant state of evolution, producing the blockbuster cinema that is watched the world over. In order for this evolution to occur there needs to be the process of natural selection, this normally happens through the production companies rejecting and accepting what is put on the silver screen.

Every so often the selection process fails and a movie that not only wastes our time as the audience, but also the hard work of the actors, director and everyone involved. The movie I am currently talking about is an abomination to cinema; The Human Centipede. It is a concoction that is barely worth a second glance as the plotline seems to revolve around the most perverse surgeon and a will to capture people and sew their mouths to another person’s anus, connecting their alimentary canals.

To think this up is perverse, but to actually put on the hours to produce this movie is in the region of needing psychological help. Although I am obviously not the only one, as the first week after release in the cinemas only brought in a £6000 revenue. Hopefully Hollywood will learn from this awful lesson and not disgrace their reputation to this degree again.


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