The Shame of the Internet

I write from a point of sorrow and disgust. Last night I witnessed one of the worst acts on the internet and that which a human being can do. We have all seen or heard of the horrors of two girls one cup and maybe some of us are unfortunate enough to hear of one man one jar; a disturbing video of a jar shattering inside the wrong end of a man’s gastric system. I was hoping that this would be all that the internet would ever shame us with, but I was wrong.

A friend showed me the video of two girls one octopus with the pretense of it being hilarious, and as you can imagine beastiality is no joke. It scars my mind as I write, as all taboos and boundaries we had even between us and sea life have now been broken. The internet has helped spread the joy of comedy through youtube, and at the same time shamed itself.

I wonder what possesses people to do this, and film it and share it with the world. And as I wonder I know that I never could, or would ever want to know the answer to the warped minds that created it. I just hope for the sake of mankind that people not only ignore this, but do not try to break any more taboos as they should be left alone. I also hope that if in generations to come they try to understand our culture, they don’t look on the internet and take these acts as who we are, as really we are so so much better than the damning image that is being painted by these few irresponsible individuals..


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  1. #1 by Sajib on September 25, 2010 - 8:46 am

    Could not understand anything 😦

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