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Nujabes my King!

I swear there is no better music on earth than the stuff that Nujabes produces. If you look at his comments then all you feel is the love from people round the world focussed into his beats (I’m glad i’m writing this down because I definitely couldn’t pull off these sentences with my posh accent)!

If you are looking for a chill out and need some background music, about the only music i can work to, this is the stuff, there is an epic playlist on youtube, I’m not personally a fan of the ones which feature rappers because they distract from the overall relaxation of it but try it out for yourself…


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The Most Hated Woman in the World

We all know we are heavily influenced by the media around us. Only the hermits of old can escape the discussions that go on in the news and in social media websites, although I am sure they wouldn’t stop being discussed. What I witnessed tonight on youtube was one of the poorest displays of humanity that I feel I have ever witnessed; people publicly humiliating and confessing to their loved ones crimes that they have done against them in front of the jeering public. This is all in the name of television.

The show is called ‘The Moment of Truth.’ Contestants win money from owning up to what they have done from difficult questions put to them by difficult people after being hooked up to a lie detector. This particular woman has her ex-boyfriend ask her questions to admit that she thought they should have been together on their wedding day AND that she had had an affair all in front of her husband:

The poor guy’s life fell apart for the sake of money, something material that doesn’t last chosen over marriage which is supposed to represent purity and chaste love, and maybe for him even it does. Her actions show horrifically that some human beings are so shallow that they cannot see further than their wallets. She is prepared to destroy her life for the prospect of some home comforts and getting the bills paid. She is not however, the only one to blame.

The television companies that air these programmes aim to be controversial, aim to harm, but most of all they aim to make money no matter what. The exact same aim that the girl has, except she is the monkey in jumping through hoops at the front of the audience, and they are the owners counting the money. But you see a lot of this unashamedly broadcast for shameful fame. The olden days of virtue are lost as racism slap-handedly splashed across programmes and whilst they raise awareness they aim to incite anger. Admittedly racism was more prominent in days gone by, but the excuse for any prejudice has gone, as people are educated enough, and compassionate enough to see that we are all the same you and I.

Morals and virtue are no longer as prominent as a result both on television and in real life. Yes people commit crimes for personal greed and necessity, but thanks to television of this nature we see the monstrosities that would not normally happen. Such horrible deeds go noticed and I know ignoring them does not delete them, but it does not promote them either. The one silver lining I would take from the video is that you can realise of how little importance money has in the face of your own family and partners for I can personally say I would not trade £25,000 or more for the life I lead and the people I love and love me, and I am sure I am not the only one. She says ‘I feel really good getting these things off my chest.’ Well it shouldn’t be that easy, and I am sure as hell her husband does not deserve the burden. And that is why I am writing this at 2:55am instead of sleeping, because I know humanity is better than ratings and money and even though they have succeeded in getting more views and inciting controversy and anger, they have highlighted their prostitution of morals for money.

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my brand new tv show

I realise i have abused my blog a little bit, i haven’t written in it at all since i started university. However, contrary to everything else factual and seemingly with integrity i am posting a link to a video that me and a couple of friends made at the student tv society, i hope you enjoy and can give me as many views as possible because so many hours went into this..

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Are You a Selfish blogger?

It is a crime that I am sure many of us commit. We write a new post and feel the world should want to know our opinion or our newly discovered fact. We may spell check it (or not depending on how sincerely we blog) and then we go about advertising this to our friends and family. But the views that really boost our egos are the ones from anonymous surfers of the web, people who have no obligation to read what we have to say.

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I know I try to figure out ways of bumping up my view count, and the fact is none of my friends or family really know about my blog as I feel it is between me, the internet and whoever else is on their computer at quarter past midnight. I take the most pride in my blog when I think that someone is taking a couple of minutes out to hear what I have to say and my experiences, and I think it is only right to pay them back with a read of theirs even if I have no way of knowing who is reading my blog. As blogging is a community experience, without reading there would be no point in writing, even if it is for the 4 views today and the 2 next week. It is all worth it as even the smallest person can have a voice which can be heard.

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Is there anything more inappropriate than Paul Gascoigne?

World class footballer, alcoholic and now doing cameo appearances at all the wrong places, Paul Gascoigne will always be remembered for misconduct.

When Raoul Moat was facing off with the police in the final moments of his life, no other than former England striker Paul Gascoigne turned up, kitted out with a fishing rod and some lagers for his apparent friend. I think as series of events go, this is the most unexpected of all, as at first I definitely didn’t believe the ridiculous story.

Raoul Moat eventually ended up shooting himself, unable to face the consequences of his actions, and Gascoigne went on his merry way having been prevented negotiating with the murderer by the police. Although it does leave you to wonder what if Gazza had got into the house. Would Raoul have been in awe of the ex-football star, or chatted about old times, but then there’s also the worst to think about as there was a gun involved. Maybe it’s time Gazza picked his friends more wisely and it has been reported that he is being treated in rehab, as trying to negotiate with a killer does suggest a hint of instability.

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Welcome to the Big, Wide World!

The time in someone’s life when they first step out into the big wide world can be an intimidating one. For some they know exactly what career path they are going to follow and for others it is a time to find any job to pay the bills while they look for something more suitable.

I have been fortunate enough to take a year out after school and before I go to university, and I believe this has taught me some valuable lessons. Before I started my gap year I thought the most important and influential period would be when I travelled abroad. While this did teach me a lot about living by myself and taking care of all the bills it did not teach me the value honest hard work, which is an important characteristic when it comes to university and a career. Instead I learnt this over the course of earning money to go abroad when I worked in a dog food factory for a little more than minimum wage. It is when you work at the bottom, that you can see the true importance of putting in the hours for a good degree. It is a true motivation to avoid this style of living, but it is also necessary to show you what others have to work for.

Your career is a huge proportion of your life, it is what your education is aimed at and it is there for your enjoyment, I feel with this learning curve in my gap year I have gained a foresight, one that I would not be able to have if ‘mummy and daddy’ just gave the money or handed me down a comfy job. As it is worth knowing that the things in life that you want are the effort in getting.

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What is the point of Charles Bukowski?

 Can someone tell me the point of Charles Bukowski? After reading two of his books: ‘The Post Office’ and ‘Hollywood’, I couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied with them, especially as they both ended ‘and then I wrote this book.’ All they seem to do is process these ‘complex’ characters who are at the bottom end of society through basic situations. Bukowski only commentates on his life and does not show any admirable qualities except honesty, and even uses this virtue in a downtrodden way. He celebrates only his vices and hates everything purely on principle, as society appears to hate him, and yet it gives him a job and a reason to carry on.

 I could not relate to ‘Hollywood,’ due to its setting heavily being in the LA film industry, and I did not care for his glorifying of being a drunken fool. In the book he is asked “Who would care for the life of a drunk?” And I can’t believe that anyone would proudly and genuinely stand up and say they would, not the life of Henry Chinaski anyway.

 When I read a book I feel the need to have gained something from the experience, not made to feel it is a horrible waste of time and money. This is obviously where I can not connect with Mr. Bukowski. Yes, he exposes organisations for who they are, but he forgets the fundamental point of writing; to inspire and entertain, rather than keep a meagre existence going and sell his readers short.

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