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That’s right, we’re back!

I have very big news for all of you! The fourth episode of my university television programme has finally come out for everyone’s enjoyment. The Sweat Room team have been working hard to create this lightly entertaining and not at all informative show. Enjoy, and don’t forget to give it a like!


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More Sport and Banter for your tastebuds

Thats right the third episode of ‘The Sweat Room’ straight from essex uni and SX:TV, is online for your enjoyment.

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the second episode of my tv show is finally out now!!!

Whether you saw the first episode of my tv show or have just stumbled across this post in amongst the mumbled mess of information that the internet is, give my second one a watch which recently came out. Enjoy!

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my brand new tv show

I realise i have abused my blog a little bit, i haven’t written in it at all since i started university. However, contrary to everything else factual and seemingly with integrity i am posting a link to a video that me and a couple of friends made at the student tv society, i hope you enjoy and can give me as many views as possible because so many hours went into this..

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The Joy of Spurs

I have seen baseball in San Francisco, basketball in Los Angeles, and foot ball in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Weston super mare and Yeovil. But I had never been to a premiership football match. On Saturday I went to my first one: Tottenham Vs. Wolves at White Hart Lane. I was in the Park Lane stand, equipped with my brand new spurs scarf and a passion for spurs football. Everyone there is friendly and happy to talk about their favourite club and pass time.

Despite the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur the stands filled up in the minutes before the players took the pitch. The crowd took to their feet as the match started and the chants followed suit, along with the occasional ‘wanker’ shouted at the Wolverhampton fans in the corner.

To stay in the favours and to pretend I knew a lot about what I was watching I said the safe things that you can about a football team; ‘never a boring one nil with spurs is it..’ and ‘Robbie Keane just isn’t what he used to be.’ Wolves were the first scorers in the match, and to my surprise, it hurt to see them score, especially when you heard the brummy cheers dominate the stadium.

Of course when we equalised it was much more satisfying, with Van der Vaart slotting the penalty won by Al Hutton. The next chant to arise was ‘YID-O’ to the Dutchman’s achievement, as the spurs fans embraced Tottenham’s roots in Jewish culture.

By the end of the match my voice was hoarse and my spirits were high as we had won 3-1 thanks to Al Hutton fluking one in the back of the net. The newest chant was ‘1-0 and you f*cked it up’ . As I squeezed through hundreds of relieved North Londoners I felt like we had been through it all and I felt part of the collective unit that is premiership football. Coming from that game I can finally understand why people look forward to the weekend and why it means so much. To be a part of this is a privilege and something I would be more than happy to be included in again as it is truly unique and something I highly recommend.

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Why is Tiger Lost in the Woods?

Since Tiger Woods’ scandal, he has been no where near his previous level of sporting excellence. He hasn’t looked like he is going to win a tournament  and has missed the cut on several occasions, something unheard of earlier in Tiger’s career.

It has been said that Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, raised Tiger with one single aim; to change the world through the medium of golf. So naturally this is all Tiger knows. After the scandal about his many affairs was revealed, it becomes obvious that he is only a man with serious social and mental instabilities.

Rudy Duran and a very young Tiger Woods

But the way Tiger was raised invites the questions of how ethical Earl’s decision to mould Tiger’s life was? Of course Tiger had the talent, but as far as having a choice in his career path, he had none. By the age of 2 he was already being forced into intensive training and at the age of 8 he had already appeared on Good Morning America to show off his golfing ability. Both ages where he can not make decisions for himself but simply complies with his fathers wishes. The main result of concentrating a young child’s life in such a way leaves a child deficient in other areas of their lifestyle; like their social life.

The pressures of a sportsman, both aspiring and professional, are phenomenal, especially in Tiger’s position. He was in a loving family, yes, but he had to spend hour after hour, day after day practicing golf swings and putts at his father’s will. I wonder if you had asked a young Tiger Woods whether he would want to swing a golf club or play with his friends what his answer would be.

The extremity and intensity of Tiger’s upbringing and training is not that different from the story of Richard Santrak; mini Hercules. Who, as a boy, was forced into extreme physical exercise and a bodybuilder’s regime at an extremely young age. The immoral approach to parenting that occurs around some children leaves them with a massive disadvantage as  they have to recover their psychologies, in order to recover a normal life. It is always said with superheroes in comic books and movies that they always wish for a normal life, and when sportsmen and women excel to such a level as superstardom like Tiger Woods has, it is not too far a stretch to say that he is the closest thing that we have to a superhero, and of course the media act as the slandering super-villain, and unfortunately the media won. As far as the consequences of Tiger’s actions go, they have completely reformed the world’s opinion of him, but it has also revealed what lows a childhood deprived of normality can drop to.

As I believe that Tiger was set to rebel against a life of discipline ever since he lost the gift of choice about what type of person he could be, as his father used him as a puppet and traded a childhood full of joyous mistakes and innocence to one of maturity, and although Tiger is arguably the best sportsman of all time, he seems to have lost the gift of happiness along the way, and I can’t help but think of him as more vacant and lost as he plays around St. Andrews this weekend.

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When Penalties just aren’t enough..

Maybe it’s time we brought in penalty goals, just as they work in rugby, it would have led Ghana through to the semi finals and been the furthest that any African team has reached in any world cup. It would have also happened in their continent. Let’s hope FIFA can fine tune football to be as honest as it can be, and keep the players inside the rules and the right teams going through.

World Cup 2010: Luis Suarez's handball was instinctive, says Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez - Luis Suarez handles the ball.

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