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We still believe!

England follow their team wherever they go and whatever they do. They cry for the team to do well, but when they don’t they don’t back them or support them, which at this moment in time is what they need more than ever. If a divide is felt then the world cup is out of reach, and no coach can win the world cup, its a joint effort. Clive Woodward once said ‘if  we can make all the individual players in the england rugby team the best player in the world at their own position, then we will win the world cup’. England have some of the best players in the world, and now they just need the belief that they can win it. Fans booing doesnt help, and the trouble is most of the fans don’t play football, so cannot see their perspective. They should have the same expectation as any other team. No one can predict what can happen in a sporting or real world environment otherwise people wouldn’t watch. Roger Federer would never have been beaten, Lance Armstrong would never have survived stage 3/4 cancer, most people would give up all hope, but to do that is to give in and admit defeat.

If someone loses a limb for any reason, it can affect that person dramatically, some choose to give in and think that nothing is now possible. A guy at my gym works out and he has no hand. He can bench press 60kg resting the bar on his stump. This is an example that whatever limits life can set upon you, its how you perceive them and react and choose to view them that influences who you are and what you can achieve in life.


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