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The Most Hated Woman in the World

We all know we are heavily influenced by the media around us. Only the hermits of old can escape the discussions that go on in the news and in social media websites, although I am sure they wouldn’t stop being discussed. What I witnessed tonight on youtube was one of the poorest displays of humanity that I feel I have ever witnessed; people publicly humiliating and confessing to their loved ones crimes that they have done against them in front of the jeering public. This is all in the name of television.

The show is called ‘The Moment of Truth.’ Contestants win money from owning up to what they have done from difficult questions put to them by difficult people after being hooked up to a lie detector. This particular woman has her ex-boyfriend ask her questions to admit that she thought they should have been together on their wedding day AND that she had had an affair all in front of her husband:

The poor guy’s life fell apart for the sake of money, something material that doesn’t last chosen over marriage which is supposed to represent purity and chaste love, and maybe for him even it does. Her actions show horrifically that some human beings are so shallow that they cannot see further than their wallets. She is prepared to destroy her life for the prospect of some home comforts and getting the bills paid. She is not however, the only one to blame.

The television companies that air these programmes aim to be controversial, aim to harm, but most of all they aim to make money no matter what. The exact same aim that the girl has, except she is the monkey in jumping through hoops at the front of the audience, and they are the owners counting the money. But you see a lot of this unashamedly broadcast for shameful fame. The olden days of virtue are lost as racism slap-handedly splashed across programmes and whilst they raise awareness they aim to incite anger. Admittedly racism was more prominent in days gone by, but the excuse for any prejudice has gone, as people are educated enough, and compassionate enough to see that we are all the same you and I.

Morals and virtue are no longer as prominent as a result both on television and in real life. Yes people commit crimes for personal greed and necessity, but thanks to television of this nature we see the monstrosities that would not normally happen. Such horrible deeds go noticed and I know ignoring them does not delete them, but it does not promote them either. The one silver lining I would take from the video is that you can realise of how little importance money has in the face of your own family and partners for I can personally say I would not trade £25,000 or more for the life I lead and the people I love and love me, and I am sure I am not the only one. She says ‘I feel really good getting these things off my chest.’ Well it shouldn’t be that easy, and I am sure as hell her husband does not deserve the burden. And that is why I am writing this at 2:55am instead of sleeping, because I know humanity is better than ratings and money and even though they have succeeded in getting more views and inciting controversy and anger, they have highlighted their prostitution of morals for money.


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the second episode of my tv show is finally out now!!!

Whether you saw the first episode of my tv show or have just stumbled across this post in amongst the mumbled mess of information that the internet is, give my second one a watch which recently came out. Enjoy!

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The next level of Vindaloo, at the World’s highest curry house..

If you happen to take a visit into the depths of La Paz in Bolivia, you should get a taste of home with the Star of India. Or so we thought. It was almost obligatory to give the world’s highest curry house a visit; the Englishman’s Mecca, especially when there have been sparse home comforts along the way. Not only, is it record-breaking in altitude, but also with the challenge of “The World’s Most Dangerous Vindaloo,” awaiting those who dare to take it on.

In the nervous moments before I knew I had to eat it quickly and I also knew it would have its consequences. I did not dot he challenge alone, as one other friend chose risk stomach ulcers and a bout of ring sting for the free t-shirt, all for the very reasonable price of 40 Bolivianos (yes that is the name of the currency), about the equivalent of 4 pounds.

Starting is not the problem as you can do it at pace numbing your mouth and your senses. As the meal wears on it is the matter of losing the will to finish, and in time, losing the will to live. Ten mouthfuls from the end, not only was I crying from pain, but threatening to refill the plate as I gagged, just managing to hold it back. Childishly playing with my food I manned up while the two of my friends who weren’t ‘competing’ left for a cigarette leaving us to regret our decision to undertake anything so foolhardy as we were enslaved by this horrible vindaloo.

Of course with agony, and a little help from my banana milkshake I surpassed all expectations and swallowed down the last mouthful. The people on the next table with a look of amazement and disgust, I even heard one of them say “I think I might order one of those..” to which I laughed and tried to get my t-shirt before I covered the room in vindaloo.

We headed back to the hostel, and as my stomach churned I thought ‘maybe next time I’ll have the Chicken Tikka Masala.’

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Time to Step Down Fabio

With Capello, I am in two minds. On the one hand he has done England well and produced a flawless qualifying campaign, on the other, he left us to flop out of the world cup with our worst performance ever.

It leaves me wondering whether the qualifying was a fluke on his behalf, his reputation as an international manager shown by players that were still in premiership form, not yet tired from the season, and not roused by the Italian’s old-fashioned tactics. As, let’s be honest, if you can’t get the world-class players that England possess to perform then you are not up to your job as manager. He was left playing the same 4-4-2 formation throughout, as though he knew nothing else and didn’t want to know that Rooney could play on his own up front. Although in his current form Rooney did not deserve this amount of trust put in him to deliver the winner.

Which brings me on to the fact that it could have been the players fault, and instead of keeping on the man who deserved all the credit for actually scraping us through to the knockout stages we are prepared to scapegoat him and exile him from English football. Capello’s job with the FA looks like it might be over, and as his opportunity ends there will be a space for someone else to take the reins and try to end 48 years of hurt (by 2014 world cup in Brazil). Personally I like to think Harry Redknapp might step up to the plate, after doing wonders for every team that he has managed. But, as we all have come to know, managing international football is a world apart. I feel that the limits of Capello’s grasp of the English language hindered the complete comprehension from our players, something that would not be a challenge for Redknapp.

We can’t know what Capello will do in the future, we can only look back on the past. Before the world cup I believed he had done enough to keep the job for four more years. Now, I believe he has done enough to lose it and take responsibility for the team.

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Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all..

As I write, I write in mourning. In mourning of what could have been, of what might have been and heavily reminded of the fact that we aim too high. Cast aside by a young German side that, it pains me to say this but, deserved their victory. Matthew Upson and John Terry failing to resemble anything that starts to look like a defence. Throwing ball after ball away for German goal kicks. Before the game it was said that due to the lack of experience Germany would be the more wasteful team with possession and it’s just not the case.

Just like a lover looking back on a failed relationship I can just about struggle to see the positives, and with them heavily being outweighed by the damning negatives like the defence and the score line.

Like a lover I see where things could have changed, the point where we lost our way (Frank Lampard’s beautiful strike crossing the line and being disallowed by the South American linesman), and as I sit with my tub of ice cream I can see where we can learn from these mistakes; finally bring in goal line technology, change to a modern, more adaptable manager one who isn’t afraid to try something other than 4-4-2.

Change is the most important thing England, as it’s not me it’s you, it really is and you have the potential to win these tournaments and make other teams cower at your presence. Now, like a recently single man I will have to set my sights on something lower as we have been divorced from the World Cup, maybe the Euro, although Germany will still be there.

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Thank God for David James

If there was one thing to take away the England game it was in fact that there wasn’t a calamity when David James got the ball, although John Terry tried to make sure that James’ night didn’t go without incident with a sloppy backpass. Gareth Barry was also a thing of beauty as he defended the England goal with heart and rigour and wasn’t too bad going forward either. Unfortunately we will need more than this to win the world cup.

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“And finally, why do you think that you should get this job?”

I did not care much for the man’s answer, I knew it would be forced and heavily rehearsed. It was difficult to look at him without feeling slightly nauseous; he had a pinstripe suit which harbored a clean white shirt with a black silk tie. Overall he gave off a space aged look. He showed himself to be well groomed and on his nose there was a pair of heavy rimmed rectangular framed glasses perfectly balanced, that fitted in with his sharp jaw line and pronounced cheek bones. It made me uneasy to look at.

When he walked in to my office he brought a fresh quality to the air around him, and looked at me. When I met his eyes he smiled and that was when I decided I did not like this guy. I know he did not mean to but he let his guard slip, and I could have sworn I saw some pity there. It made me sneer at him behind my mask of potential employer, I kept thinking; ‘So you think you’re so much better than me do you!’

As expected his answers were so full of himself, “India” this and “helping the poor” that, just added to the bad taste at the back of my throat. The only other person to interview was some sweaty old woman, she had come bundling in, she had said that she was not completely sure what the job was, but I assume she was joking. In fact, she was because I laughed.

The man brought me back to the room when he finished talking. I caught the end of what he was saying and it had something to do with his time spent with underprivileged inner-city children, and how this experience helped with his perseverance and ability to communicate with other people. I nodded and pretended to note something down. I then smiled and pulled a handkerchief from my pocket mopping my brow, pausing a few seconds.

“Ok, thank you very much for your time; we will give you a call in the future.”

He stood up as did I, we shook hands, and he looked straight into my eye just as before. I quickly looked down to my desk, fully recoiling back into my chair. I tried to disguise the wince on my face with a smile but it came across crooked. I caught myself in the reflection of my kid’s photo and let my head fall when he stepped out of the room. A sobbing sigh was next to come from me before I straightened up.

The company did not seem like they needed more employees. I thought of this man being at work here. He wouldn’t fit in, if I did not employ him I would be doing him a favor, he would probably only quit after a few weeks to go on another of his trips abroad. The woman was the logical choice as she would fit in and be loyal to her work.

I picked up the phone and punched in the numbers.

“Mrs. Jacobs?”


“This is Devon plastics. I would like to inform you that we have decided to award you the position of assistant manager.”

“Oh… thanks.”

“For the job interview that you came to on Wednesday.”


“You start on Monday?”

“Monday’s not good for me.”


I heard a grumble before the phone went dead; I placed it on the hook. I was expecting a better response, maybe I made a mistake. I picked the phone up and waited a few seconds before dialing.

“Mrs. Jacobs, yes it’s me again from Dorset plastics, I’m sorry there has been a mix up. Due to cut backs we can not hire you, I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

I heard a sigh down the phone.


Then she hung up.

I smiled pleased with my work and started to look for the man’s details. They were not there.

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