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That’s right, we’re back!

I have very big news for all of you! The fourth episode of my university television programme has finally come out for everyone’s enjoyment. The Sweat Room team have been working hard to create this lightly entertaining and not at all informative show. Enjoy, and don’t forget to give it a like!


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My Friends’ Band

The Small Personal Victories, not a bad name kinda catchy i think. I’ve always liked the idea of knowing people who are in bands just in case you can say you knew them one day.. They played for the first time in front of a live crowd and produced a pretty good sound, as for everyone else hearing them you can do so on this link, the recording isn’t amazing but they put in a good sound (they also have a cheeky interview).. tell me what you think and I can pass the compliments on (making assumptions on the compliments part)!

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the second episode of my tv show is finally out now!!!

Whether you saw the first episode of my tv show or have just stumbled across this post in amongst the mumbled mess of information that the internet is, give my second one a watch which recently came out. Enjoy!

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Stephen Hawking is Wrong

There are many arguments for and against the existence of God, but the most pressing one, at this time, is the concept of something being created out of nothing. How can this be possible? Theists argue God made the world and even caused the Big Bang, but a new theory from Stephen Hawking suggests otherwise. He believes that the Big Bang occurred due to spontaneous creation and God is not even needed in this equation.

He states how there are other solar systems and other worlds with the belief of outside life independent of this planet. He speaks of how Science and Religion cannot go hand in hand as they are two opposites and you can only believe in one and not both. The way he puts this it seems as though he is picking sides and segregating, trying to make us choose how we are going to answer the ultimate question of our existence.

Religion and science started out together, religion answering that which science could not. As we learnt more, we needed religion less, but we still believed. As we get apparently closer to the answer, scientists urge us to abandon our faith which I do not believe is right. How can we have a world without God? How can we not believe that there is a higher power helping us throughout life? Science may explain how the world came about, it may explain how the Big Bang happened, but it will never prove that God doesn’t exist, it will never take one of mankind’s most important attributes; its faith.

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Get wet with Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain, the new PS3 game to hit the gaming shores, is a massive breakthrough. I can’t help but think that this will be far beyond a novelty as gaming gets closer to real life. I’m sure it will not be too long before we are swept away to climb into a gaming suit as Wii technology goes that one stage further as well.

Heavy rain also highlights how important the storyline is to new and upcoming games, as Call Of Duty has before, having to write up to twenty different script to play out to find the elusive ‘oragami killer.’ Technology like this is bringing entertainment to a whole new level.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Whenever we see success in sport the needling question at the back of our minds is always: ‘Were drugs involved?’ Christine Ohuruogu took the gold medal in Beijing, and the first question that was asked to her freshly smiling face was about her past trouble with drugs test. It is not fair to chastise athletes with something they have not even been proved to have done. In court the defendant is said to be innocent unless proven guilty, and this concept is being surpassed in a quick momentary judgement.

Usain Bolt. One man who has changed the face of sport ever since he first stepped on the athletics track and started breaking records. He is the fastest man ever and yet his lifestyle consists of chicken nuggets and practical jokes. He is the ideal of what we wish of ourselves: athletic, strong, but laidback and relaxed. It is not uncommon to hear a commentator muse on the idea if there will ever be anyone as quick again. Scientists have even tried to calculate the probabilities of natural selection ever reaching this pinnacle. Although they forget the products of the unnatural; steroids. If they were introduced it would lead to a new era of the super sportsman. I am referring to the idea that we take a leaf out of bodybuilding; we have two categories; the steroid and the clean category. It would allow for mankind to reach the unreachable. Athletes would no longer take steroids just in case the man in the lane either side of him might be as well, but they would take them out of choice to further our need to explore the limit of mankind. Clean athletes would be just as respected, if not more and may even prove to out-perform the athletes who take the steroids. In fact it is not clear whether anyone with steroids could catch Usain Bolt. Athletes could also be further educated about their effect and less harm could come to them as a result.

With all of the positive aspects for the progress of sport, and Man’s lust for the best, there is always the negative which would be much closer to the health of the athletes; as an overdose of steroids due to competitive pressure could only be a result with steroids being legal in sport. Psychologically also, as athletes could be pushed to steroids and not perform with the enhancers leaving them somewhere imbetween, and as often for athletes training is their lives, this introduction would lose athletes in the cracks. There would also be the question of whether every sport should have two teams that play the same competition but in slightly different conditions. This could lead to an overload of sport to the fans of the game and a decrease in quality, just as happened with the many forms of cricket that have exploded onto the scene since tweny twenty’s arrival. Fans could turn there heads away from that aspect of the game or just ignore certain aspects of it altogether leaving a few purists behind and a general hummum of people who just come the day after the wins and the glory days, which would lead to a lingering death if it turns out to be a novelty and the steroid fuelled league would disappear, and be replaced by a fear of it ever happening again and we would no longer ask the question: ‘Were drugs involved,’ as we would know.

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