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Learn Your Languages: Sieze the Day!

Its something we all put off to the next year or the next year, but the truth is most of us never get round to it.

I started my Spanish course last September and haven’t looked back, as far as finding the time it is quite easy for me as I’m doing it as an extra module at my university (I know very impressive)! My reasons for learning it was because I have been to Spain, I have been to South America and, whilst I could start to understand them I never could get the hang of a conversation!

My other motivation was, of course, that I now have a Spanish girlfriend and as this is as good a purpose as any I embarked on my cultural journey. So far we have done a lot of tenses and I now understand about half of what people are talking about. But this is not the point of why I am writing.

I am writing to inspire others to do the same, admittedly I had a ‘chica’ to inspire me in the beginning, but a busy schedule should not stop anyone, there is always time. If you have time for a blog you have time for your new language! Whether it be Spanish or Japanese, if you can speak you can do it, and even if you can’t speak one language I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to learn as well (although I wouldn’t be sure how you would be reading this blog..)!

Happy Learning y buenos suerte!



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